The Andrew Simmons Story

Lights, camera, action! PizzaTV is sharing Andrew Simmons’ live reinvention of his business, Mamma Ramona’s in Ramona, Calif., with his customers and fellow pizzeria operators across the country and around the pizza world. Simmons, who is also president of restaurant delivery service OrangeCrate and president of the Restaurant Marketing Delivery Association (RMDA), is using his own pizzeria to prove the viability of pizza automation technology, including state-of-the-art pizza-making robots, and double his sales without increasing his staff. Follow along with us as we track Simmons’ journey into the future of pizza.

From the Pages of PMQ

Innovations at Mamma Ramona's

Andrew Simmons Story Update 4-9-2023

When my staff sees me walking around with the tape measure, they know I’m looking at changing things up. Again. I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled equipment countless times. The only one who relishes it more than me is my electrician, who continues to figure out how to get power around the building to fulfill […]

Andrew Simmons Story Update 3-31-2023

Catch up on progress at Mamma Ramona’s with this week’s installment. And don’t forget to sign up for your chance to meet up at The RMDA’s 2023 conference!

Mamma Ramona’s cost and process

Last week, my post was about the model for our pizza subscription. There were some questions about my cost per pie, so I broke down the cost for the various elements. In it, I’ve amortized the equipment cost, labor and ingredients, without sharing our actual recipe. That cost was $2.67 this week, adjusting for supplies […]

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