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Transforming the Legendary Schmitter Sandwich into a Pizza

The Schmitter is a legendary sandwich made at the historical McNally’s Tavern in Chestnut Hill outside of Philadelphia. I was so inspired by the sandwich after eating it on a recent visit to the city that I wanted to transform it into a pizza! I took a simplified copycat recipe approach in this video so […]

Togoz Pizza – Wyoming

Togoz Pizza is a great little take-out and delivery pizza shop in Wyoming, PA. They are known for their crispy pan fried Sicilian pizza crust that they combined with the cheese blend and sauce of an Old Forge pizza. Truly a unique combination that you can’t find anywhere else! I wrote an in-depth article about […]

Sabatini’s Pizza – Exeter

Sabatini’s Pizza has been a fixture in Exeter since 1958 and has a cult like following. The pizza is really unique and super saucy so I had to return to see what everyone was talking about! You don’t want to miss this in-depth look at the thin and crispy pie. Click here for the full […]

Rosario’s Pizzeria – Clarks Summit – Vodka Pizza

Rosario’s Pizzeria offers a wide variety of gourmet pizza slices on a daily basis. I have tried most of them, but one of my favorites continues to be the Vodka pizza which is so tender, cheesy, and savory. It’s almost impossibly tender and creamy and tastes great hot out of the oven, at room temperature, […]

Angelo’s Pizzateria – Dickson City Viewmont Mall

Angelo’s Pizzateria offers a wide selection of gourmet pizza slices and pizza to go. One of their more popular pizzas is the grandma pizza and I set out to give it a try and I was not disappointed!

Rosario’s PB Cup n Char Pizza is a Pepperoni Lover’s Dream!

Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the world, but chances are if you live in NEPA, you have not come accross the incredible Cup n Char Pepperoni because it is difficult to buy in this area. Cup n Char is a smaller, higher quality pepeperoni that cups up and crisps around the edges […]

Armenti’s Pizzeria Olyphant Brooklyn Pizza Review

Armenti’s Pizzeria in Olyphant is among my favorite Pizzerias in NEPA because of the authentic New York Style Pizza as well as some diverse pizza styles using high quality ingredients. “The Brooklyn” is a pizza that I’ve had from Armenti’s a few times before, but this one was extra special for this youtube review. I […]

Sprinkles and Shakes Pizza in Plains, PA – NEPA Pizza Review

Sprinkles and Shakes offers so much more than ice cream. I had the opportunity to try the wood-fired neopolitan pizza in a recent trip to. This video takes you behind the scenes to see how the pizza is made and of course I provide you with my full review! A big thanks to Barton for […]

How to Make the Ultimate Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

In this video I show you how to make the Ultimate Philly Cheesesteak Double Crust Pizza. I call this “Wiz Wit” inspired by the proper way to order onions on a cheesesteak in Philadelphia. I made this in honor of my beloved Philadelphia Eagles playing in the Super Bowl and it was a huge hit. […]

Popular Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe: What You Need to Know

I put the most popular Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe on Google to the test in this video. The ingredients are limited and process is simple, but getting the perfect crust is more difficult than the directions say. I found all the mistakes and have several tips that will help you make an excellent gluten free […]