Food Theory: STOP Ordering Your Pizza Like This!

Matt Patt does the math behind the best value for a slice from some of the major chains.

$13 Lasagna Vs. $60 Lasagna

“It’s just a boat of meat!” Credits:

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Keith Eats Everything At Pizza Hut

Issa Pizza Party! Can Keith out Pizza the Hut?! You’ll have to watch to find out!?

Binging with Babish: Pizza Ball from The Eric Andre Show

The Eric Andre Show, our eponymous host’s LSD-soaked nightmare talkshow, has created some of the most maddeningly subversive comedy of the decade. None have captured the imagination of the internet, however, quite like the pizza ball. A gnarled sphere of everyone’s favorite cheesy flatbread, the pizza ball (not unlike the show itself) is probably best […]

George R. R. Martin’s Guide to New York City Pizza

George R. R. Martin shares his picks for New York City’s best pizza spots. Get his latest book FIRE & BLOOD here:

How To Make Deep Dish Pizza Buns | Twisted

We love a good deep dish pizza. But instead of making the dough we’ve done a cheats version and filled a bun with the same goodness. Brushed with garlic butter, these are incredibly delicious! ____________________________________________________________________ Full recipe: Cookbook Pre-Order: Follow Twisted on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Any questions or […]


This is a super easy recipe for how to make fresh pizza dough without a mixer. Making pizza dough from scratch without mixer isn’t as hard as it sounds, and I’m not claiming this is perfect pizza dough, but it works pretty dang well. It yields a nice crispy, sturdy pizza crust and the basis […]

Binging with Babish: Banana Pudding Pizza from Doug

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Parmesan Kale Cedar Planked Pizza

We teamed up with one of our favorite chefs – Grill Girl Robyn. She brings us in on her quick and easy recipe for cedar planked pizzas on the Green Mountain Grill. Best thing about this recipe is it can be customized to everyone’s individual taste! Full recipe here listed on our website : […]