The Healthy Power of Bread!

Artisan Bread Baker and author of How to Bake Bread Michael Kalanty discusses Prebiotic Bread for improved gut health. Kalanty will reveal how to make it happen, and how to make it taste great!

Trained in the Culinary Arts, Gavin Loyer talks about how to sell a good Long Island Pizza in the south, also the culinary difference between “book” and “street” learning

With over 40 years experience, Gavin Loyer of Jaboni’s Pizzeria will talk about bringing Long Island pizza to Tennessee and what the reception was. He will also discuss the difference between learning under a Long Island pizza family vs. a restaurant school, and the benefits of both! Loyer will also give us ideas about how […]

How can a family-oriented franchise manage a national presence as well as benefitting the local communities?

Joe Aurelio of Aurelio’s Pizza talks about gaining your customers trust, launching “The Act of Kindness” and “Food for Friends” programs to help the community pay it forward to help the first responders and essential workers. Joe will speak about how to manage a larger franchise and implementation of beneficial programs across all locations simultaneously.