Ep. 1: Superbowl Winner, Eddie Murray Pt. 1 Ep. 1: Superbowl Winner, Eddie Murray Pt. 2 Ep. 2: World Record Car Salesman, Ali Reda Pt. 1 Ep. 2: World Record Car Salesman, Ali Reda Pt. 2 Ep. 3: Former Michigan State Spartan, Anthony Ianni Ep. 4: 1st race car driver with Autism, Armani Williams Ep. 5: Detroit Lions Radio Voice, Dan Miller Ep. 6: Head Coach Oakland University, Greg Kampe Ep. 7: Mike Sullivan “Sully” Ep. 8: WJR Sports Radio Broadcaster, Sean Baligian Ep. 9: Pride Of Detroit, Jeremy Reisman Ep. 11: Detroit Tigers Announcer, Mario Impemba Ep. 12: Sports Radio Personality, Rico Beard Ep. 13: Matt Schoch, Detroit News-Pizza Eddie Murray Talks Golfing With David Robinson & Ernie Banks Eddie Murray Talks Getting Drafted By The NFL Armani Williams Talks Being First Race Car Driver With Autism and Inspiring Other People Armani Williams Talks How Covid19 has Affected Him And Racing Armani Williams On His Biggest Accomplishment and Favorite Pro Drivers Lions Radio Voice Dan Miller Talks Parenting With Child on The Spectrum Dan Miller Talks Becoming Radio Voice of The Detroit Lions Lions Radio Voice, Dan Miller on what it would mean if Detroit won a Superbowl Ali Reda On Breaking The World Record Of Car Sales Greg Kampe Remembering Al Kaline Greg Kampe Turning Down The NBA Anthony Ianni Talks Going To Michigan State Mike Sullivan Talks Starting Own Show & Moving To Digital Sean Baligian On Billy Sims Sean Baligian talking WDFN and college football rivalry Jeremy Reisman Talks Matthew Stafford, HOF? Jeremy Reisman Talks Working With Kids With Autism Mario Impemba tells a great Ernie Harwell story CLIP #1 Mario Impemba And Fredi Make A Pizza talking family CLIP #2 Mario Impemba On Jim Leyland CLIP #3 Rico Beard: Best 70s Sitcom

Ep. 7: Mike Sullivan “Sully”

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Like Cher, Madonna and Beyonce, this man has only one name … Sully. Former producer of the Mike Valenti show and founder of Brand25 Media as well as Detroit Metro Golfers.

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