Blake Harris

Ep. 13: Matt Schoch, Detroit News-Pizza

Matt stops by to talk

Ep 8: Opening Day at Little Pops Express in Aurora

Opening Day at Little Pops Express in Aurora | Opening day has arrived, but is Mike, Vicki and the Family ready? Will anybody show up? Walk in their footsteps before and after they open the doors to see if their offer of free NY pizza slices pays off as they “double-down” on their NY Pizza […]

Ep 7: Mighty Mason

We catch up with Mighty Mason and his story as Mike, Vicki, and the team host a special parking lot pizza fundraiser in the Little Pops Naperville Neighborhood following a rainy 2nd Annual Mighty Mason 5K Run.

Ep 6: A Not-So-Soft Opening at Little Pops Express

With a week to go until the official opening of Little Pops Express in Aurora, Mike, Vicki and the family race against the clock to open the doors to customers for the first time during the first day of their soft opening week.

Ep 5: First Pizza Test at Little Pops Express

With the clock ticking just a week to the soft-opening of Little Pops Express in Aurora, Mike and Vicki attempt to make the inaugural test batch of pizzas in the ovens with two of our favorite pizza critics there to taste the results.

Ep 4: The Neighborhood Expansion Begins

On this episode, it’s been 4 months since the public has been inside the Little Pops Neighborhood, until now. Mike takes you on a tour inside the original Little Pops space with the early phase of the neighborhood expansion already underway.

Ep 3: The Mystery is Revealed

In this episode, the big mystery is revealed regarding the next chapter in Mike and Vicki’s NY pizza dream.

Ep 2: Mike vs Vicki Pizza Challenge

In this episode, Mike and Vicki square off in an epic challenge to see who can make the best 10″ pizza symbolic of Little Pops 6th Anniversary.

Ep. 1: A New Dream is on the Way

In this inaugural series episode of NY Pizza Dreams we move into Restore Illinois Phase 4 and Mike and Vicki share an important update for the Little Pops Neighborhood.

NY Pizza Dreams – Documentary Film

The inspiring story of a New York family who turned hard times into a New York pizza movement in the Chicago area through faith, hope, love, and a family legacy.