Brian Hernandez

PMQ Live Update with Luigi Primo, Party World Rasslin’ League

Putting the Smackdown with Pizza! Commissioner of the Party World Rasslin’ League, Chris Monica, talks about the pizzacentric wrestling superstar Luigi Primo and his meteoric rise to fame. Monica and Primo will also talk about how in person events can help any operation gain attention and sales!

Real California Pizza Contest LIVE Reveal!

Watch the LIVE reveal of the winner of the Real California Pizza Contest ! Real California Milk scoured the nation to find the best recipes and pizzaioli to participate in 3 categories. Recipes were selected by a panel of qualified chef’s and judges, and the finalists will fight it out LIVE to see who will […]

PMQ Live Update with Ali Haider, 786 Degrees, Sun Valley, CA.

Find out how Ali Haider of 786 Degrees (Sun Valley, CA) adapted his wood-fired pizza model for takeout in the pandemic and gives back to the community, especially seniors. Plus: pizza kits for children and, most importantly, planning for your pizzeria’s future after the COVID-19 crisis is over.