PizzaCloud – How IP Phone Services and call centers can grow your bottom line

In this video

PizzaCloud demonstrates how IP phone service has changed over the years. They will also answer the following questions:

Why are tens of thousands of businesses switching from “legacy” phone service to hosted IP phone service like PizzaCloud?

Using advanced phone system features to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction
Reduce hang-ups with proper call queueing and auto-answering
Eliminate busy signals
Use start of call “upsell” messages to increase average order revenue
Handle situations such as the pandemic with auto-attendants

Why cellular backup Internet is more valuable every year.

Call centers – Will this work for you?
What is a call center/centralized call handling?
In-house vs out-sourced call centers
Does your POS system support call center?
Costs and value – how does a call center lower cost and increase revenue?

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