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The Pizza Kitchen: Yamato Scales

Pizza is a science. It requires exact measurements. From the dough, to the sauce and even the final pizza itself. The slightest miscalculation can make a dough fail or a sauce too sweet. So, what’s the answer? Scales, of course!

The Pizza Kitchen: Smokehouse Pizza

Brian Hernandez demonstrates two new topping products from Bonici, courtesy of our friends at Tyson. The Bonici Bakin’ Bacon and Bonici Mesquite Pepperoni are highlighted in this recipe for the “Smokehouse Pizza.”

The Pizza Kitchen: Keto Pizza

Are you part of the diet that’s taking the world by storm? The keto diet is the new sensation sweeping the nation. But how do you eat pizza in a diet that doesn’t allow the carbs contained in the crust? Don’t worry, Pizza TV’s chef Brian Hernandez has the solution. Now you too can eat […]

The Pizza Kitchen: Staten Island Stromboli

Brian Hernandez demonstrates a delicious stromboli recipe provided by Melissa Rickman of Wholly Stromboli in Fort Lupton, Colorado.

The Pizza Kitchen: Chicago Stuffed Pizza

PMQ’s Brian Hernandez demonstrates how to make a Chicago Stuffed Pizza. Now you too can enjoy this Windy City tradition in your pizzeria or home!

The Pizza Kitchen: Rosemary Sicilian Grandma Pie

Award-winning pizzaiolo Leah Scurto recently won a culinary competition with her Rosemary Sicilian Grandma Pie. She’s shared her winning recipe with PMQ’s chef Brian Hernandez who shows you how to make it yourself!

The Pizza Kitchen: The Quack Attack

Brian Hernandez demonstrates this award-winning “Quack Attack” pizza from Eric Von Hansen at Caliente’s Pizza & Draft House in Pittsburgh.

The Pizza Kitchen: Greek Pizza

Brian Hernandez demonstrates a pizza style commonly found in Greek restaurants, and houses of pizza around New England.

The Pizza Kitchen: The DeGrezia

Need a new recipe fora great New York-style pizza with a blend of sweet and savory flavors? PMQ’s Brian Hernandez turned to his good friend, Tom DeGreziaof Sophia Pizza Shoppe in the Big Apple, for this one-of-a-kind New York-style recipe loaded with taste and texture.

The Pizza Kitchen: The Peach Pie

Brian Hernandez demonstrates this incredible pizza recipe developed by World Champion pizzaiola Laura Meyer of Tony’s Pizza Napoleatana in San Francisco. Sweet, savory, salty….this pizza has everything!