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Andrew Simmons Story Update 4-9-2023

When my staff sees me walking around with the tape measure, they know I’m looking at changing things up. Again. I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled equipment countless times. The only one who relishes it more than me is my electrician, who continues to figure out how to get power around the building to fulfill […]

Andrew Simmons Story Update 3-31-2023

Catch up on progress at Mamma Ramona’s with this week’s installment. And don’t forget to sign up for your chance to meet up at The RMDA’s 2023 conference!

Mamma Ramona’s cost and process

Last week, my post was about the model for our pizza subscription. There were some questions about my cost per pie, so I broke down the cost for the various elements. In it, I’ve amortized the equipment cost, labor and ingredients, without sharing our actual recipe. That cost was $2.67 this week, adjusting for supplies […]

Andrew Simmons Story Update 1-30-2023

This last week was a testament to our efforts to grow our business. Friday night had a line out the door, but not a group waiting for food. We ran double makelines for pizza; utilized both TurboChef Technologies, Inc. Pizza Fire Ovens; and used the Toast Kiosk for walk-in orders. Although I initially had issues setting it up, the […]

The Toast expansion continues!

With takeout so busy now, and our staff on the phones while customers are lined up, I decided to add the Toast Kiosk to the mix. It arrived yesterday. There were two options available, a 15” and a 22” display. I chose the larger display because I didn’t want it lost on the counter, looking […]

Andrew Simmons Story Update 1-17-2023

First, it’s been a good solid month using Toast at the restaurant. The good, the bad and the ugly. Spoiler alert: no ugly, and not really anything bad. We went live on a Friday night after coming off of Square for Restaurants. Menu updates on the fly were a breeze; re-configuring how the KDS, the printers and re-routing specific […]

Andrew Simmons on Integrated Technology

Mama Ramona’s is using Incentivio for pushing and tracking the redemptions; Toast to scan the redemption code at the POS; Picnic for cranking out perfectly proportioned pizzas with cheese, sauce and pepperoni, to keep our cost fixed; and Korok Group for the Hot Rocks conveyor oven that cooks these pies at a rapid rate while maintaining their stone baked crust quality. They […]

Pizza Subscription

Our first pizza subscription offering went live on January 1st, and we’ve starting fulfilling redemptions. Although we are only two days into it, our assumptions are playing out in that we would see add-ons to the overall order that boosts the order beyond the free pizza they are redeeming. And the restaurant has been packed […]

The Picnic Station is installed at Mama Ramona’s

As the Thanksgiving holiday looms, pizza chef Mariano learns how to operate and clean the Picnic Station. Now that the techs have left, they still have to work with it to achieve their goal of a baked pizza in under 5 minutes.