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Our first pizza subscription offering went live on January 1st, and we’ve starting fulfilling redemptions. Although we are only two days into it, our assumptions are playing out in that we would see add-ons to the overall order that boosts the order beyond the free pizza they are redeeming. And the restaurant has been packed with people, more so than the same time last year.

To put it into context, we sold 15,700 pizzas for all of last year. But in 3 days over the Black Friday weekend, we pre-sold 15,548 pizzas. 70% of the buyers were not current customers or occasionally purchased a pizza but not regularly.

None of this would be possible without the tech stack we’re using. We’re using Incentivio for pushing and tracking the redemptions; Toast to scan the redemption code at the POS; Picnicfor cranking out perfectly proportioned pizzas with cheese, sauce and pepperoni, to keep our cost fixed; and Korok Group for the Hot Rocks conveyor oven that cooks these pies at a rapid rate while maintaining our stone baked crust quality. We also use the TurboChef Technologies, Inc. pizza ovens to supplement fulfillment.

If you’re curious to see how we’re doing it, come visit us; I love showing off our tech and our vision. Come visit us; we’re just outside San Diego…

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