Andrew Simmons Story Update 4-9-2023

When my staff sees me walking around with the tape measure, they know I’m looking at changing things up. Again. I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled equipment countless times. The only one who relishes it more than me is my electrician, who continues to figure out how to get power around the building to fulfill my vision. My Toast POS systems have moved 5 times; the kiosk 3 times; the Cuppone dough press numerous times (it’s 377 lbs, so not an easy task). On Friday another restaurant gifted me their HOBART GmbH 80qt mixer for my project and that took 5 of us to move it once. It’s 700+ lbs. I haven’t moved the Botrista Technology, Inc. drinkbot yet, but to be fair it was just installed.

Today, I moved the Picnic pizza press. It’s truly my favorite piece of equipment and I love watching the pies go by, 130 an hour, with perfect toppings. But, I want to show my customers how we do things so I needed to move it. I’ve moved it three times now – the original install (by Picnic); the second time from the back prep room to the front (myself, with guidance from Picnic); and today (did it myself, didn’t tell them, they’ll know when they read this post). For portability, which has been a topic as of late, it’s literally six bolts and three sets of cables unplugged. And done in 20 minutes. By myself.

Building in public and making constant changes and tweaks to the project should be an easy task, and thus far, it has been. I’m hoping I’m coming to the end of project changes in Chapter 1 and just fine-tuning the project in Chapter 2, but we’ll see – change is constant for me.

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