Turbo Chef Ovens

Super excited about these new ovens I’ve added to the restaurant! These are from TurboChef Technologies, Inc. and look a little like Bender’s head from Futurama (which also ironically fits my robotic theme to my restaurant). I’m able to produce a 12” 5-topping pizza on my PicnicPizza Station in under a minute, pop it into the TurboChef, and in 3 minutes and 40 seconds, a fully cooked pizza comes out, hitting my goal of pizza out the door in under 5 minutes, at a cost of less than $3 each with labor, food, and supplies included.

We’ll be putting it to the test Thursday when we open for lunch for the first time (we’re primarily dinner hours) and need to get food out within someone’s hour for lunch window.

I’m planning to get a few more of these ovens to get me to 60 pies an hour, and then accelerate production with a new HotRocks pizza oven from Korok Group, for an additional 130 pies an hour.

More to come…

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