The Toast expansion continues!

With takeout so busy now, and our staff on the phones while customers are lined up, I decided to add the Toast Kiosk to the mix. It arrived yesterday.

There were two options available, a 15” and a 22” display. I chose the larger display because I didn’t want it lost on the counter, looking like a DoorDash tablet (I have 7 of those now, DoorDash keeps shipping them to me but they refuse to activate me). Looking at the placement, I think it was the right choice.

Installation wasn’t as smooth as the last go around, but tech support has been helpful, even at 8pm at night, and they escalated it pretty quick. It should be operational today and once live, I anticipate it taking some of the pressure off the front lobby crowd.

Speaking of crowds, the pizza subscription is paying off. Redemption is running about 65% weekly and the average upsell is $18, with no erosion to our average sales pre-subscription. This is good, because historically our sales this time of year are pretty crappy, post holidays.

Another highlight to the week was the announcement from Picnicthat the speed of the Picnic Station will go to 130 pizzas an hour. Staff adoption has been slower than hoped, only because of the fear of something new, but yesterday my 50 year old cook that only grunts and rolls her eyes at me, went to the Picnic and started making pizzas for the first time ever, unprompted. She says she likes the consistency of the coverage. I like the consistency because we only use cheese from the Grande Cheese Company and it’s not inexpensive. So, if I can win her over, the rest of the staff will be a piece of cake!

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